Welcome to jayfox.net!

Here you will find some of the projects and pages of Jimmy Newland and Somer Newland.


Somer Newland

Somer is a serious bibliophile as well as a crafter of various types. You can check out her various blogs and projects under Somer's stuff.

Jimmy Newland

Jimmy is a all-around nerdy person with many and varied interests. All of his stuff can be found at JimmyNewland.com.

About JayFoxNet

Our domain name is derived from some alphabetic art by Walter Inglis Anderson in Jimmy's home town of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Some people have their initials turned into a large watercolor made from the block prints created by Anderson and hand painted such that each creation is unique. Jimmy's initials are J, F, and N and correspond to the blocks Jay, Fox, and Net. As a native of Ocean Springs, Jimmy hopes you will visit the Walter Anderson Museum either in person or online and help support the work done there. You can also visit Realizations the Walter Anderson shop and help support the continued artistic efforts of the Anderson family including getting prints of your own initials.